Basic Training


Basic Training Manual Poster

Basic Training Manual


Foundations Section One

Training Workshop Section Two

Appendix I-III

Appendix IV-V

Principes de base de deuil


Principes de base du deuil corps

Principes de base du deuil annexes

Theory Sheets

Grief Styles

When Grief Comes to Work

When Grief Comes to Work

Upcoming Training Description

Registration Form

Resiliency Initiative

Resiliency Initiative Poster

Resiliency Framework

Carte de la Resilence

Individual Loss Assessment

Organizational Loss Assessment

Turning To One Another Network

Resource Materials
TTOA Best Practice Framework & Workbook
Peer Engagement Training PART A
Peer Engagement Training PART B
Essential Tools for Support and Stability Worker Resource Kit
Essential Tools for Support and Stability Peer Researcher Resource Kit
Year Three Findings Abstract OHTN 2012
Year Three Findings Presentation OHTN 2012
TTOA YIII Findings Poster CAHR 2012
PHA Facilitator Training Findings Poster CAHR 2012

Survive & Thrive

Key Resources

Multiple Loss Journey

Pertes Multiple - French Journey

Sobrevivir - Spanish Journey

Climbing the Tree of Life

ABPO Peer Support Handbook

Multiple Loss Questionnaire


PHA Environmental Mastery 2008

Effective Peer Facilitation Poster


Participant Collage Samples

‘Survive & Thrive’ Poster

S & T Intervention Framework Oct 2005

App. A - ‘Survive and Thrive’ Final Evaluation 2005

S & T Intervention Framework Appendices B-J