Turning To One Another Network

Bringing GIPA to Life through Building Collaborative Relationships

Overall TTOA Network Objective: To increase the capacity of ASOs to build effective working relationships between ASO staff and PHAs in multiple roles. Check out our Photo and Video Gallery! If you are a member of the TTOA Network, the Community Forum can be accessed here: TTOA Forum There are 13 TTOA ASO Pilot Site Partners across Ontario which support and collaborate with Peer Facilitators to create and deliver on-going local programs. They also share local ideas and practices to help develop the provincial framework.
Our Activities:
  1. TTOA Working Group has 10 regional members, balanced between Peer Facilitators and ASO staff, and the majority are PHAs. Members support this provincial program by contributing their experiences and on-going learnings over the span of the project of best practices to help bring GIPA to life in the day-to-day operations of ASOs.
  2. TTOA Provincial Consultations happens annually where worker representatives are invited from all pilot site Ontario ASOs and PHAs, who are graduates of the Peer Facilitator Training series, and are now involved in increased community facilitation activities. Through these event the TTOA Workbook was created provide a collaborative framework to support addressing the real-life practicalities of GIPA-MIPA implementation
  3. ASO Worker Training Sessions to provide an opportunity for consultation and peer learning about the practical processes and challenges in supporting Peer Facilitators.