About us


The AIDS Bereavement and Resiliency Program of Ontario (ABRPO) collaborates with organizations to build worker, agency and community resiliency in the face of AIDS-related multiple loss and transition.


The AIDS Bereavement and Resiliency Program of Ontario responds to effectively mitigate the impact of AIDS grief and loss on organizations, staff and volunteers and community members living with HIV/AIDS. To achieve this we:
  • assist in assessment and enhancement of individual and agency coping strategies related to loss and transition.develop and deliver agency interventions, educational presentations, workshops, retreats and research initiatives incorporating evidence-based knowledge and bereavement expertise.
  • provide innovative training to organizations, staff and people living with HIV/AIDS to increase communication skills, peer support and community resiliency strategies.
  • ensure excellence in our work through the development of sustaining, relevant, creative and evolving responses to the changing nature of loss within diverse AIDS-impacted communities.

Guiding Principles

We understand that with the changing nature of HIV/AIDS, agency personnel and AIDS-impacted communities are relating to an illness associated with unpredictability, uncertainty and anticipatory grief, in addition to the pre-existing legacy of multiple losses. We believe that our work must be:
  • Grounded in solid theory
  • Shaped by the experience of the people we work with
  • Linked to people's broader life experiences
  • Framed within a context of equity and inclusion
  • Trusting of everyone's unique capacity to survive, thrive and make meaning
The AIDS Bereavement and Resiliency Program has a Facilitation Team and a Provincial Advisory Committee. The Team is headed by Director, Yvette Perreault.

The Facilitation Team

Yvette Perreault, Program Director
Yvette Perreault, Program Director
Yvette is the co-founder of ABRPO and has been a committed counsellor and community organizer for over thirty years. She directed the AIDSupport Program at the AIDS Committee of Toronto for eight years. With a background in Psychiatric Nursing in Brandon, Manitoba, she counselled to stop violence against women. Yvette also consults on organizational development and conflict resolution.
Anna Demetrakopoulos
Ana Sophia Demetrakopoulos, Support Coordinator and Regional Facilitator
Ana Sophia has worked in community development for over 25 years and been with ABRPO for over fifteen years. She previously coordinated a provincial women’s organization and also has extensive training in holistic health work.

Regional Facilitators

Sheila Berry
Sheila Berry
Wayne Fitton
Wayne Fitton
Christine Leonard
Christine Leonard
Rick Julien
Rick Julien

ABRPO’s Provincial Advisory Committee

Micheal Brennan - Executive Director, AIDS Committee of Windsor Keith Hambly - Executive Director, Fife House Foundation Tom Hammond - Executive Director, HIV/AIDS Resources and Community Health Guelph (PAC Co-chair) Joanne Lush - Program Supervisor, AIDS Bureau, Ontario Ministry of Health Maureen Mahan - Education Development Coordinator, Casey House, Toronto Margaret McGovern - Project Management Consultant, Toronto Jalila Muhammad - Employment Counsellor, Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention, Toronto Marvelous Muchenje - Community Health Coordinator, Women's Health in Women's Hands, Toronto Lana Parenteau - Regional Outreach/Support Services, Ontario Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Strategy, Southwestern Region Lisa Toner - IDU Outreach Worker, ACCESS AIDS Network, Sudbury (PAC Co-chair) Haran Vijayanathan - Executive Director, Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention, Toronto