Advisory Committee

ABRPO’s Provincial Advisory Committee

Michael Brennan (He/Him)

Executive Director,
Pozitive Pathways

Maureen Mahan (She/Her)

Education Coordinator
Casey House

Claudia Medina (She/Her)

Program Director

Cory Wong (He/Him)

Manager of Support Services
AIDS Committee of Ottawa

Stacey Mayhill (She/Her)

Executive Director
AIDS Committee of North Bay and Area

Rob Newman

Peer Support Worker
Regional HIV/AIDS Connection London

Ex-Officio Members

Maria Hatzipantelis (She/Her)

Senior Program Consultant
AIDS and Hepatitis C Programs
Provincial Programs Branch

Nadine Sookermany (She/Her)

Executive Director,
Fife House

Thomas Egdorf (He/Him)

ABRPO Program Director