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Introducing our new blended learning module: Holistic Check-in.

This quick, 15-minute module has a little something for everyone. For Directors and Managers, checking in with yourself and your staff teams enhances workplace culture and builds team resiliency. For Workers and Peers, check-ins are a way to foster solidarity with your colleagues and community members. Whether using it as self-care or community-care, the Holistic Check-in tool is a favourite at the ABRPO.

Take some time to learn this new skill or refresh your knowledge on an timeless favourite.

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eBook: When Grief Comes to Work

We are excited to release an updated version of our comprehensive resource for managers and staff on responding to grief and loss in the workplace, When Grief Comes To Work. The updated version has an Interactive Index at the end of the book, which makes navigating it’s knowledge and resources easy. When Grief Comes To Work is an important part of fostering resiliency in the workplace by helping agencies develop appropriate and responsive policies.

Read it via our website (below) or download it as a .pdf onto your computer.
When Grief Comes to Work

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Sites that support similar work to ABRPO

For more HIV learning resources, please go to the HIV Resources Ontario website link below;

HIV Resources Ontario. A first stop for ASO capacity building

Impact Debriefing

Impact Debriefing Animation

Essential Tools for Support and Stability

ETSS- Facilitator guide for training Peer Researchers

Newsletter November 2019

ABRPO Webinar Series

Care for Resiliency is a 3-part webinar series on preventing or recovering from burnout/compassion fatigue, these series are facilitated by Laur Kelly.

We’ll be framing resiliency as a practice that can be built upon through self and co-regulation and holistic care that accounts for how we are doing and what we need in terms of body, emotions, mind, spirit, and community.

We’ll talk about the necessity to make care accessible by meeting ourselves where we’re at in a given moment so our efforts build resiliency rather than taxing our energy resources.

Interactive components and handouts will engage participants in the content. In the last session, participants will be led through making a care plan for themselves to bring together the information from the webinar series.

March 13th  Part 1. Resiliency as a practice.

March 27th  Part 2. Making care accessible.

April 9th Part 3. Care for resiliency.

Session 1, March 13th, 2020: Resiliency as a practice.

Session 2, March 27th 2020: Making care accessible.

Session 3, April 9th, 2020: Care for Resiliency

How to support your teams during COVID 19, a webinar for Managers

  The AIDS Bereavement and Resiliency Program of Ontario offered a webinar to support managers of AIDS Bureau Funded agencies who find themselves supporting teams virtually on Wednesday, April 8 at 3:30 PM. Presenter: Chris Leonard During the session, Chris shared strategies and learning from each on ways to support staff teams during this time of significant social changes and physical distancing as a result of COVID-19. Other issues discussed include:

  • Creating an opportunity for Managers to have a real check-in about how they are doing really,
  • Exploring ways of providing individual staff and team support,
  • Working remotely and creating a new normal of working from home
  • Creating an opportunity for connection
  • Managing expectations
  • Developing group guidelines and safe space for ongoing check-ins

When Helpers Feel Helpless: Service in the Age of COVID-19

This webinar is a partnership between Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities (SCHC) and the AIDS Bereavement and Resiliency Program of Ontario (ABRPO). The webinar is geared towards frontline workers and volunteers in both the Hospice and HIV/AIDS Sector, this webinar will offer:

  • Some context for why volunteers and workers may be feeling helpless
  • A reframe of how to think about roles
  • 3 concrete tips for learning to live into the new normal

 The webinar was held on Wednesday: May 6th, 2020 at 12:00 PM

About the Presenter:

Betty Ann Rutledge is a passionate, professional, relationship-driven volunteer manager with 30 years of experience in the field of community-based healthcare, death, dying and bereavement. Her work at the AIDS Committee of Toronto and Bereaved Families of Ontario-Toronto, as well as several community hospice programs, has included designing, developing and delivering volunteer training programs based on the peer/mutual support model and centred in principles of equity and inclusion. She has journeyed with many people through illness, end of life and bereavement including both her parents and many friends. She is committed to creating safe and inclusive spaces for people to share their stories of loss, healing, resiliency and meaning-making.