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Newsletter November 2019

ABRPO Webinar Series

Care for Resiliency is a 3-part webinar series on preventing or recovering from burnout/compassion fatigue, these series are facilitated by Laur Kelly.

We’ll be framing resiliency as a practice that can be built upon through self and co-regulation and holistic care that accounts for how we are doing and what we need in terms of body, emotions, mind, spirit, and community.

We’ll talk about the necessity to make care accessible by meeting ourselves where we’re at in a given moment so our efforts build resiliency rather than taxing our energy resources.

Interactive components and handouts will engage participants in the content. In the last session, participants will be led through making a care plan for themselves to bring together the information from the webinar series.

March 13th  Part 1 Resiliency as a practice.

March 27th  Part 2 Making care accessible.

April 9th   Part 3 Care for resiliency.

Session 1, March 13, 2020: Resiliency as a practice.