When Grief Comes To Work

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Welcome to the When Grief Comes to Work course. This is a self-paced learning opportunity so you can take your time with the content of this vital book. Remember to take breaks and pace your learning – When Grief Comes to Work holds immense resources and information that will take time to digest and implement. If you’re looking for a quick reference to something in the book, use the interactive Index in the .pdf version of When Grief Comes To Work.

This book was written in 2011 and reflects the culture, research, and theory of the times. This was before the overdose and drug poisoning crisis. As such, some of the references or examples in the book may not fully represent the pressing issues of our current times. However, there is so much valuable information in this course about responding to traumatic multiple loss at work. Please use or adapt the material in this course to fit the needs of your workers and organization.

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