Programs and Resources

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Written materials such as worksheets, theory overviews, workshop packages and training manuals play a significant role in ABRPO work. They are developed to support both individual and team learning of the skills and behaviours that build resiliency in the experience of loss. We incorporate a holistic adult education framework in the development of all of our materials which respects the diversity of learning styles and modalities. Most importantly, this approach is validated by the latest findings from inter-personal neurobiology about how people change and achieve healthy integration in their being. There is a current shift from data-based learning to experience-based learning which actually anchors new information in the limbic system and becomes a part of a person’s social reality. Due to the high stress triggers that are connected to grief, loss and transition, we want to support people’s actual learning of new response patterns through healthy communication and self-awareness.

The materials that are available for download through this section cover many types of interventions that we do and trainings that we provide. We also make the content of our resource materials available to collaborating community-based organizations for their own editing, revision, etc. to create resources for their local programming.