Turning to One Another Network

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Bringing GIPA/MIPA to Life through Peer Engagement and Collaborative Relationships

Overall Turning To One Another /TTOA Network Objective:

To increase the capacity of ASOs to build effective working relationships between ASO staff and Peers in multiple roles.

If you are a member of the TTOA Network, the Community Forum can be accessed here: TTOA Forum

There are 14 TTOA ASO Pilot Site Partners across Ontario which support and collaborate with Peer Facilitators to create and deliver on-going local programs. They also share local ideas and practices to help develop the provincial framework.

Our Activities:

TTOA hosts two provincial meetings per year of the network member Ontario ASOs.  These events continue to build a collaborative framework to support addressing the real-life practicalities of GIPA/MIPA implementation.

One session focuses on bringing Peers and Peer Coordinators together with the goal of deepening the skills and ability of Peers in ASO work.  This is achieved by reinforcing the lessons from the Peer Engagement Training Series; discussing and sharing the challenges and successes of individual Peer programs from network agencies, including shared problem solving; providing presentations from other organizations to deepen subject matter expertise i.e. CATIE presenting on the biology of HIV transmission; learn about other innovative Peer programs; and provide an opportunity to showcase Peer-led workshops from across the province and promote exchange about wise practices.

The second session is for ASO Peer Coordinators and other ASO staff who manage Peer programs.  At this session, workers are provided an opportunity for consultation and peer learning about the practical processes and challenges in supporting Peer Engagement.