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Impact Debriefing Module

Impact Debriefing Module Impact debriefing is an essential tool for worker wellness in any agency. It’s an opportunity to come together to witness each other and share about how we are being impacted by the work. This module outlines the … Continue reading

Multiple Loss Journey

Multiple Loss Journey Welcome to our online learning module on the Multiple Loss Journey. We’ll be looking at how to use this tool to better understand our grief and the grief of our co-workers, community, and clients.

Black Voices Locating Our Grief

Black Voices Locating Our Grief This resource is created by and for ACB community working in HIV and Harm Reduction, but it’s impact goes beyond these sectors. It’s an opportunity to acknowledge and name Black grief and reflect on it’s … Continue reading

Gathering to Remember Module

Gathering to Remember Module We are excited to present another quick online learning module on holding memorials, Gathering to Remember. This module can also be accessed as a printable zine you can download and use as a workbook or keep … Continue reading

Bracketing Module

Bracketing Module Take some time to learn about Bracketing or refresh yourself on this essential skill. This module features 3 animations to show some possible emotions of grief, and 3 different ways to bracket and unbracket. Listen closely to the … Continue reading

Grounding Module

Grounding Module We are excited to present another quick online learning module on the essential tool, Grounding. This tool can compliment our personal wellness habits and also change the way we show up in our work. Grounding can enhance our … Continue reading

Holistic Check-In Module

Holistic Check-In Module This quick, 15 minute module has a little something for everyone. For Directors and Managers, checking in with yourself and your staff teams enhances workplace culture and builds team resiliency. For Workers and Peers, check-ins are a … Continue reading