When Helpers Feel Helpless Webinar

This webinar is a partnership between Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities (SCHC) and the AIDS Bereavement and Resiliency Program of Ontario (ABRPO). The webinar is geared towards frontline workers and volunteers in both the Hospice and HIV/AIDS Sector, this webinar will offer:

  • Some context for why volunteers and workers may be feeling helpless
  • A reframe of how to think about roles
  • 3 concrete tips for learning to live into the new normal
  • The webinar was held on Wednesday: May 6th, 2020 at 12:00 PM

    About the Presenter:

    Betty Ann Rutledge is a passionate, professional, relationship-driven volunteer manager with 30 years of experience in the field of community-based healthcare, death, dying and bereavement. Her work at the AIDS Committee of Toronto and Bereaved Families of Ontario-Toronto, as well as several community hospice programs, has included designing, developing and delivering volunteer training programs based on the peer/mutual support model and centred in principles of equity and inclusion. She has journeyed with many people through illness, end of life and bereavement including both her parents and many friends. She is committed to creating safe and inclusive spaces for people to share their stories of loss, healing, resiliency and meaning-making.