Turning To One Another

TTOA is a response to a call from community members with lived experience of multiple loss grief for training, support, and opportunities for practice and mentoring to address some of the hurdles to Peer employment within agencies.

TTOA Updates

Together We Stand – Online Meetup for Peers & Engagement Coordinators

  • Every third Thursday of the month 2 – 4pm, next session June 20 2024

Join us as we gather with Peers and Peer Engagement Coordinators from across the province to network, build solidarity, discuss agency updates, and learn from each other. These sessions often feature a workshop delivered by a Peer or other invited guest on topics that are relevant to our work.

We are on a summer hiatus and will return September 19 2-4pm.

Email Craig Boucher to register yourself or your Peer team: craigboucher@abrpo.org

** These TTOA sessions are only open to people employed as Peers within their organization and Peer Engagement Coordinators **

Turning To One Another Logo

About TTOA

The purpose of TTOA is to work with Peers (people with lived experience) and staff of member agencies across Ontario to concretize the experience of meaningful involvement for Peers. Currently, TTOA is working with 25 partner agencies from across Ontario. Within the next year, we be offering our Peer Facilitator Training as an online learning course, which will be complemented by virtual practice workshops throughout.

In 2021, TTOA grew from 14 member agencies to 25. With the recent move to online meetings and workshops TTOA member agencies requested growing the network to other agencies that have been not been able to join previously. To those 11 new agencies, Welcome, we are so happy to have you here with us!

Over the past year, member agencies have been meeting online and sharing in workshops to help build their knowledge, capacity, skills and abilities on a variety of topics that affect the lives of Peers in the province of Ontario. Peers are encouraged to present workshops that they have developed to share their knowledge with others; some recent topics have included Harm Reduction during Covid 19 – A call to Action; Successfully Managing Change; and Group Dynamics just to name a few.

The TTOA Quilt

The TTOA Quilt was a gift from a former TTOA Peer Worker that solidified the heart and soul of TTOA. Past participants have written inspirational messages on it for future TTOA Peers. The quilt symbolizes the strength and resilience of those that came before us, to remind those in the future, when we are no longer able to share our own stories, that we were here and we mattered. Today the quilt plays an integral part in our TTOA gatherings, and is present for all opening and closing activities.

Quilt made by TTOA members