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What We Provide

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The AIDS Bereavement and Resiliency Program of Ontario (ABRPO) is mandated to work with Board, Staff and Volunteers of AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) and other HIV-serving organizations in Ontario on issues of AIDS-related loss, multiple loss and organizational change and transition. We work with staff, board or volunteer teams and individuals to help them work through all kinds of loss and transitions and to build resiliency skills.

Throughout the year, members of the ABRPO Facilitation Team:

  • Facilitate small and large group workshops for workers, agencies and PHA community members;
  • Develop and deliver training sessions;
  • Present workshops and community-based research at conferences, including International AIDS Conferences, national and provincial events;
  • Provided consultations and debriefing to Executive Directors, Managers and frontline staff.
  • Collaborate with other organizations on short and long-term projects.