Training for Volunteer Coordinators

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We have also worked specifically with Volunteer Coordinators on how to address the grief and loss as part of their on-going relationships with the diverse community members who support ASOs. This work is based on the necessity of understanding the impact of grief and multiple loss on volunteers. The desired outcome of this work is to help volunteers maintain their health, efficiency and strength of commitment, which are an invaluable component of AIDS services. We have perceived a significant ripple effect from this training, as a Volunteer Coordinator’s skills and resources are informing many volunteers who are active in the HIV peer community.

Training topics covered include:

  • Establishing Safety
  • Creating guidelines for risk-taking
  • Comprehensive Attachment Grief/Loss theory
  • Inviting exploration: Loss History
  • Creating an environment for Reflection/Integration
  • Group building exercises
  • How to use various teaching tools
  • Understanding Multiple Loss, the Shattering of Assumptions and the Need to make Meaning
  • Holistic Health, Change Theory and Building Capacity (Internal Reliance)
  • Closure Theory