Who we serve

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ABRPO is funded to provide training to frontline HIV Organizations and Harm Reduction Agencies in Ontario.

Frontline HIV/AIDS caregivers meet enormous personal and professional challenges. As a result, turnover is high and many who continue are challenged to function well due to “compassion fatigue”. Challenges include:

  • Ongoing deaths and inescapable shadow of death
  • Stigmatized work
  • Complex and acute disease manifestation
  • Work with diverse populations.

ABRPO supports frontline workers through sessions which provide:

  • Recognition of their responses as “normal responses to an abnormal situation”
  • Team solidarity
  • Opportunity to develop the necessary coping skills
  • Enhanced peer support capabilities
  • Understanding of the impact of the work on themselves and others
  • Self confidence and pride in their work
  • Renewed inspiration
  • Ongoing, sustainable re-commitment

ABRPO helps strengthen organizational capacity by:

  • providing practical workshops,
  • providing thorough training programs,
  • helping HIV/AIDS workers constantly adapt to unavoidably complex issues,
  • revealing and building resiliency skills.


Training topics covered include:

  • Establishing Safety
  • Creating guidelines for risk-taking
  • Comprehensive Attachment Grief/Loss theory
  • Inviting exploration: Loss History
  • Creating an environment for Reflection/Integration
  • Group building exercises
  • How to use various teaching tools
  • Understanding Multiple Loss, the Shattering of Assumptions and the Need to make Meaning
  • Holistic Health, Change Theory and Building Capacity (Internal Reliance)
  • Closure Theory