Support Workers Session with OAN, Casey House & ABRPO

More than Statistics: Grief During Reporting Periods

In this workshop we’ll be talking about STUGs, Sudden Temporary Upsurges of Grief, which can appear during reporting periods when whole lives are reduced to reported statistics. We’ll talk about some of the ways STUGs look and feel when they show up at work. We’ll talk together about the ways we can take care of ourselves at times like these, and how we can be in solidarity and support with our colleagues and coworkers.


Middle Managers Session with OAN, Casey House & ABRPO

Supporting Reconnection in Moments of Grief

About this session

In this session we will be talking about what grief looks like when it shows up at work, whether it’s after a client/community member death or during stressful times like reporting periods. We’ll look at ways managers can support themselves and their colleagues in times of heightened grief and stress. We’ll talk together about how we can foster closer manager/staff relationships and offer workplace supports for grief and stress that can bring workers back into a sense of connection that is so crucial to frontline work. This session will open with a greeting and statements of solidarity followed by a one-hour presentation from ABPRO team, and time for small-group discussions. 

During this session, the OAN will also share details about the agenda for the upcoming Middle Managers Two-day Workshop.